How to Resolve - Cannot Restore System Image (Windows 7 64-bit)?

Cannot Restore System Image (Windows 7 64-bit)

My friend's 64-bit Windows 7 laptop got a bad hard drive, so he bought a new one and brought it to me to swap out.
I used Backup and Restore to make a system image (saved on an external drive) and a recovery disc.
What should then have taken two hours
has now kept me confounded for days.
No matter what I do, the Restore utility refuses to see the image.
It's there on the external HDD, the utility is just being stupid.
Can I get any help? I've tried all available methods (utility from within Windows, utility
through both recovery and install CDs).
I've tried throwing various versions of Windows 7 onto the new drive (driver support is ****, though, so I really need the backup), and none ever see it.

Solutions to the Problem Cannot Restore System Image (Windows 7 64-bit)

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You've got to sort out the drives that are misbehaving or the system repair disk that is failing to see them. 
Yes, you need to use a System repair disk made in a x64 system to restore an image of a x64 system. 
Please be careful with your terms here - PC manufacturers bandy the term "recovery disk" around with gay abandon - sometimes they mean just a disk with their drivers on it.  The system repair disk you need is one made using Windows backup - it's on
the left-hand side when you start the Backup & restore utility [as is the option to create a system image].  Make and test this disk without any external drive in - you should have to go through region / keyboard selections  [and then you can cancel when you
reach the repair menu as it proves that the disk works]. 
You can copy the system image onto a different external drive if you have one that you can prove gets read okay but make sure that you put it in J:\WindowsImageBackup or K:\WindowsImageBackup or Whatever:\WindowsImageBackup and make sure that you have not
tried to do anything to the subfolders within it - everything within the folder WindowsImageBackup is part of the image and must not be tampered with.
Don't worry about the comment about tranferring applications - when this works it will put everything back on your system that was there when the image was made.  I have done this several times.
There is one very serious issue though.  Is the new hard drive of the same spec as the old one?  If not, you might find that the restored image does not work as its old drivers clash with the new hardware in such a way that Windows update cannot run in order
to help fix the problem.  Similarly, I found that the troubleshooters & device manager updates would not run.  I'm not saying that this will happen only that it can happen.  There is a chance that
Intel® Driver Update Utility can force recognition of the new driver requirements & then install them - I only found this utility after I'd given up & reinstalled Windows from scratch
on my new hard drive.

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